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Monday, April 6, 2020

Tyler Perry Gives $21,000 Tip to Fired Workers at His Favorite Restaurant

Tyler Perry at Houston's Restaurant in Atlanta

Nationwide — Filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry is making headlines once again for his generosity. He reportedly ordered take-out and then left a $500 tip for all 42 workers at a Houston’s restaurant located in Atlanta. That comes to $21,000.

Perry reportedly has been ordering take-out at the restaurant for a long time, and has been especially regular there during the lockdown. The employees were not only shocked about the tip, but also shocked to learn that they had been serving food to Perry whose studios are located not too far from the restaurant.

The act was very kind and generous since hundreds of thousands of restaurants have closed around the country, forcing them to lay off their employees. Some, however, are managing to stay afloat by offering take-out and delivery services.

But Perry is no stranger to generosity. He once paid for a local non-profit organization’s parking lot to be repaved, and he even rebuilt an 88-year old woman’s home that was destroyed in a fire.

Most recently, he paid off the balances of everything that was on layaway at two Walmart stores in the Atlanta area during Christmas time in 2018.

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