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Monday, January 13, 2020

The Truth About Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, and America’s War Against Black Masculinity

By Dr. Umar Johnson, Psy.D., CSP, M.Ed.

Dr. Umar Johnson

Nationwide — Bill Cosby was convicted for touching the breast, and sliding his finger down the underwear, of a white woman. A woman with whom he had spent several private and intimate moments with in the past, and who had told at least one other person that you can make a lot of money falsely accusing a celebrity of wrongdoing. Additionally, upwards of forty, mostly white, other women also came forward against Black America’s most pioneering television personality to only have most of their cases thrown out due to a lack of merit upon which they could be prosecuted. Even Andrea Constand’s case, due to poor evidence, was thrown out the first time she attempted to have Cosby prosecuted. Despite a settlement that was attached to a nondisclosure agreement, some how and some way the case was brought back to court some ten years later, and just before the statute of limitations expired. The fact that the presiding judge allowed testimony from other women, in unrelated cases, whose own allegations against Cosby weren’t strong enough to warrant prosecutorial action themselves, clearly shows the seek and destroy mission that America’s racist criminal justice system was carrying out. As if the 2018 Cosby crucifixion wasn’t enough to keep America talking, white supremacy shot out the gate early in January 2019 with the Surviving R. Kelly series, a poorly investigated television circus that left viewers with far more questions than answers, the most obvious of which was “why weren’t any of the adults being interviewed listed as co-conspirators in the case?” After all, many of them, parents included, had full knowledge of the alleged operation and did nothing to expose or stop it. It was clearly apparent to anyone with even a partially functioning brain that the Surviving R. Kelly scandal was more about revenge for failed musical promises made by Kelly than it was about justice for statutory rape victims. Despite the clear agenda behind the public lynching of Cosby and Kelly, we cannot dismiss their irresponsibility and potential wrongdoing simply because they are Black men. The charge of forcibly touching women without their consent, or systematic sexual exploitation of underage girls is unacceptable and indefensible. However, what we can very well question and challenge is the illegal and biased manner in which prosecutorial discretion has served to rob both of these men of a fair and impartial opportunity to be tried by a jury of their peers. If a man is guilty of sexual assault against woman or child, one should be able to demonstrate that guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, without the justice system colluding with the prejudiced white-owned media seeking to convict Black men in public before the case is ever tried in a courtroom.

Some politically miseducated Blacks would dare ask the question: “Why should the Black community care whether or not a pedophile and an adulterous swirler are fraudulently convicted by a racist justice system if doing so saves our community from the threat they may both pose to the safety of our sisters?” The answer to this question is simple: The Cosby & Kelly legal lynchings are not about protecting women from sexual abuse, especially not the Black ones. When was the last time you saw a white man do serious prison time for sexually violating a Black woman? Rather, these are test cases that the white power structure of America is using to see if they can get the Black community to co-sign their campaign of carnage against any Black male that it wants to destroy simply by issuing unfounded counterfeit charges of sex abuse. Whether Cosby or Kelly is innocent or guilty definitely should matter to us as Black people, but it doesn’t matter to the power structure. The only thing that they are studying is whether or not the emotional immaturity of American Blacks will seduce us into cosigning the legal lynch mobs of America and their biased and inequitable treatment of Black men in the criminal justice system. The “#MeToo” movement, which may have initially started with some sincere intentions to expose unpunished sex crimes against women has been weaponized and politicized to a point where it now has the power to ostracize and condemn men simply upon the basis of an unproven allegation. Even Morgan Freeman and Cuba Gooding Jr., Black men who are not particularly known for their loyalty to the Black community, were also publicly condemned even before a proper trial from a jury of their peers. Tavis Smiley was another prominent Black man who was politically neutralized via the shenanigans of the infamous “#MeToo” movement that in recent years has served as one of white racism’s most effective tools towards destroying heterosexual Black alpha males. These unproven allegations are enough to have men fired from jobs, socially maligned and politically neutralized. Needless to say, Black men have been hardest hit in this new society where protecting Blacks has become irrelevant, but protecting everyone else from Blacks is the new social justice movement of our time.

Black people cannot afford to turn a blind eye to injustice against our own even when we feel that the guilt is obvious because in doing so we establish a dangerous precedent whereby we communicate to the white power structure that we don’t mind white injustice against Blacks as long as it is against a guilty party. Well then, who decides beforehand whether or not a particular Black man is guilty before trial? The answer is the media, the white-owned media. Simply stated, these emotional temper tantrums like the one Black people threw in the aftermath of the Surviving R. Kelly series serves to distract us from paying particular attention to the details of a case long enough for the legal lynching to take place behind the scenes. To be clear, we are not necessarily arguing for a fair trial for R. Kelly’s sake alone. We do it because we don’t want to see future Black men, our sons & nephews, who lack R. Kelly’s financial and social influence to one day innocently find themselves on the wrong side of the law, falsely accused of doing something they did not do, and then being found guilty purely on accusations, media distortions and legal misdealings. Remember, what we allow them to do to any one of us, they can then do to all of us. The presidency of a Black man, Barack Hussein Obama, ironically ushered into America a new war against Black Masculinity, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Jim Crow Era. Under President Obama, police assassinations of heterosexual Black men would be emboldened to the point where so-called law enforcement officers couldn’t care less about whether they were being filmed or not. At this very same time, America’s first Black president would direct his attention away from saving Black men and put it squarely upon protecting white women, immigrants, and members of the LGBT community. While working class and impoverished Black men were tapping on Obama’s window looking for some presidential intervention to address issues of police genocide and joblessness, the U.S. government’s Leading Negro was too busy stealing the thunder of the Black Agenda and misappropriating it into the agendas of all other minority groups, most notably the LGBT agenda. During the presidency of a Black man, Black masculinity would come under extreme attack from all sectors of society. The open promotion in public school of LGBT culture, cleverly disguised as a mission of protection for sexual minorities, supported by President Obama, would serve to undermine Black Masculinity by indoctrinating young innocent Black boys into a life of same-sex exploration well before pre-puberty, when attraction for the opposite sex usually begins to emerge. Meanwhile, the Black-faced white feminist movement was reenergized on America’s collegiate campuses, brainwashing many young sisters into thinking that Black men are the crux of their problems rather than the systemic racism that is at the root of Black male incarceration, extermination and economic marginalization. The infamous “I Don’t Need A Man Movement” has now spilled out of the college dormitories and into the Black ghettoes of America where even middle school Black princesses can be heard discussing the worthlessness and irrelevance of Black men in their lives. In corporate, academic and media circles a gay Black male privilege now exists that pushes out strong alpha males in deference to a more effeminate metrosexual beta male type personality. Even in gangster rap circles, a community that has historically valued and pushed a strong masculine bravado, a softer more metrosexual energy that promotes effeminate dress has now taken sway.

The essence of this article is that this new movement to promote all things Black & effeminate and denigrate all things Black & masculine is not an accident nor coincidence. Rather it is a new strategy to complete an age-old agenda of the American power structure to neutralize and destroy the Black community by removing the masculine principle from the home and society. Most social maladies in the Black community from mass incarceration to special education can be linked to fatherlessness. The presence of strong heterosexual men, who value and respect Black women and their children, is extremely important towards the resurrection of the traditional Black community. By promoting same-sexuality and terrorizing traditional opposite-sexuality in the Black community the power structure hopes to socially engineer a new Black community that is led by members of the white-financed Black feminist-LGBT leadership cartel that is hostile towards Black alpha males altogether. Yes, such an agenda may sound too fantastic to be achieved in a generation, nor will it be. Eugenicists are a very patient gang of opportunists, and if slowing down the agenda, in order to evade suspicion, is what must be done then that is exactly what they will do. This past summer the Pew Research Center reported that teen births for Black girls are less than half of what they were a decade ago. In fact Black teenage pregnancy is at its lowest rate in decades. We have always had birth control devices in the Black community. To what do we owe this downturn in teenage conception rates in the neighborhood? Certainly, we don’t want babies having babies. Nonetheless, the political climate into which our teenagers now live is radically different from the one in which we were reared, and requires a deeper assessment into the variables that are influencing behavior in the Black community. Black children now live in an era where they are not only free to choose their sexuality, but are in fact encouraged to break away from the traditional male-female dichotomy in deference for new more contemporary sexual identities such as transgender, queer & asexual.

The question that the Black community must ask itself is “Why?” Why is America so hell bent on undermining images of traditional Black love while it exaggerates the romantic opportunities that non-traditional same-sex relationships offer? Is one necessarily happier in a gay union than in a heterosexual union? Well, judging by advertisements in the mainstream media one might think so. Since Obama took office, the amount of advertisements, television shows & online content that show traditional positive Black male-female loving interactions without sexual contact have markedly diminished. In its place has come a barrage of LGBT-themed television shows, advertisements and online content. When there are traditional male-female unions on display they are usually interracial. The message to young Black boys growing up in today’s society is obvious: “You’d be much better served by either dating the same gender, changing your gender, or marrying outside your race.” Who really benefits from an entire generation of Black boys and girls being indoctrinated in school, and outside of school, with same-sex relationship propaganda? In a Black community already suffering with epidemic absenteeism of Black men from the lives of their women and children, how can convincing even more Black boys to abandon their women for a romantic future with another man be of any help to our people? In a community where Black women already have so few options of successful heterosexual male counterparts from which to choose in hopes of building a family, how can promoting homosexuality and transgenderism to our boys be a blessing? We are literally watching the destruction of the family fabric of the Black community take place right before our eyes, and with our complicity. With the 1964 Civil Rights Act’s inclusion of sexuality and gender as protected categories, the past decade witnessed a Black president take many of the rights our ancestors fought for and hand them over to immigrants and LGBTs on a silver platter. The Black church along with our white-funded Black community based organizations refuse to speak out publicly against this assault against the Black family for fear that they will have their government grants & handouts cancelled. Isn’t it absolutely amazing that a Black president can, in four years, totally eliminate all structural bias and discrimination against LGBTs, but yet here we are 400 years later, and Blacks are still not safe from the slave patrol police system nor the use of the “N-word?” Bill Cosby and R. Kelly are symbols designed to misrepresent what Black masculinity really means. These two men have become the face of Black male heterosexuality in the white media, and the most convenient excuses used to denigrate an entire population of brothers who do not molest children and are not interested in chasing after white women.

Black women had better be careful in choosing to side with the criminal justice system against their own Black men. Whether it is Cosby, Kelly or your own child’s father, Black women cannot become the excuse that the white ruling class uses as its justification for pillaging an entire community of its heterosexual men. The white man is never the Black woman’s ally and the Black man is never her enemy. When federal and statewide welfare programs were rolled out to single Black women and their children during the 1970s and 1980s they served as powerful propaganda instruments for the white power structure. In the aftermath of the MLK and Fred Hampton state-sanctioned killings, along with the informal demise of the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, the government sought to recreate its image in the minds of Black women. The welfare programs were just the tools that the system needed to earn much needed loyalty from many Black women. With more militant, yet leaderless, young Black male revolutionaries left on the streets of America, the Lyndon Johnson-Richard Nixon White House was not about to let up on its war against Black male activism. However, they needed to do something to ensure that Black women would not come to the defense of their men en masse. Welfare programs would be the material tactic, and feminism the psychological tactic, to keep Black women from demanding release for the fathers of their children. Although they belonged to different parties, they agreed that Black Power had to die. It was actually the democratic White House of Johnson that initiated the “War On Crime” but his Republican successor Nixon would give the Gestapo movement its teeth. The War Against Black Power quickly transformed into a more acceptable campaign of a War Against Black Crime. Fighting Black Power was unacceptable in a country that claimed it didn’t want to see Blacks powerless. Therefore, the propaganda machine rebranded their seek and destroy mission against heterosexual Black male activism into one that argued our streets had to be made safe from dangerous Black alpha males. The paradox here is that the government was now claiming to be interested in protecting the lives of the very same people whose leaders it had spent the entire decade murdering. What did Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Dr. King and Fred Hampton all have in common? They were Unapologetic Black Alpha Males whose sole mission in life was to liberate Black people. The introduction of social welfare programs for Black women was an act of military expediency. No different than Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, it served as a wartime necessity to help achieve a goal that had absolutely nothing to do with helping Black people. By dishing out food stamps, WIC, cheap healthcare, cheap housing, and child support benefits the government deliberately put a wedge between the Black woman and her man. Had the government not came forth with these resources, the Black woman would have naturally organized a movement against the incarceration and economic devastation of her man. As any woman would, she naturally desired and needed her man by her side to make ends meet, and properly raise the children. However, the welfare programs would serve as the government’s substitute for the Black man in the Black woman’s life. These programs effectively distracted the Black woman from aiding the Black man in his fight for economic inclusion and away from mass incarceration. It is almost impossible to destroy an entire population of men, in a society that claims equal opportunity for all, without first separating him from his woman. A united Black community, where all members are in agreement that racism is the chief cause of their ills, would be a political, economic and social nightmare for the U.S. government. This is precisely why the alienation of Black men must concomitantly occur with the promotion of opportunities for Black women. This serves as the proverbial bait and switch tactic that has allowed America to evade responsibility for its destruction of the Black male by blaming it on personality variables like laziness and lack of motivation.

It is no coincidence that white supremacy sympathizers like feminist Oprah Winfrey would rather use her global platform to interview the late Michael Jackson’s privileged white male accusers but has never hosted a program to address the horrific sexual abuse of boys by white men in the Roman Catholic Church. While she and Gayle salivated at the chance to go after R. Kelly, and now Russell Simmons, they never thought to do an expose’ on Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey. If sex abuse is so important to American society then why is New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft still cheering for his team at games, after a judge conveniently threw out the video footage of his alleged illegal sexual encounter at a Florida massage parlor? Why is Lifetime releasing a Surviving R. Kelly #2 series when we have yet to see Surviving Ben Roethlisberger, Pt #1? This is not about criminal justice; it is about destroying the natural God-given protectors of the Black woman, child and community – the heterosexual Black alpha male. Like most distractions, they sooner or later give way unless a stronger more potent one can be secured. The American white power structure could not hope to keep Black women distracted forever from what it was doing to their Black sons simply by issuing petty welfare subsidies. When President Clinton’s 1994 crime bill went into effect it helped tear away the thin veneer of hypocrisy that protected the power structure from the Black woman’s criticism regarding the economic marginalization and incarceration of the Black man. Therefore, a new strategy needed to be introduced to keep the Black woman from coming to the public defense of Black men. After all, welfare programs were poorly financed and didn’t eliminate poverty but only made it more bearable. President Clinton’s Welfare to Work programs that came on the heels of President Bush’s Welfare Queen exaggerations served to distance Black women from the power structure. This was viewed as a threat that could push the Black woman back into revolutionary alignment with the Black man. Therefore a new strategy that would educationally and economically empower the Black woman, in a way that earlier welfare programs could never do, had to be put into effect and quickly. In Black America today, due to no fault of their own, Black women now out educate and out earn their men. This has nothing to do with the heterosexual Black alpha male’s resistance to learn, work or care for his family. Rather, it was a deliberate act of the White power structure to further drive the two genders away from one another, by upsetting the natural balance of the Black household. By reversing the roles of the Black man and woman, by making the Black male economically dependent on the Black female, it consequentially upset the power balance in the home, and this has given rise to a new Black America where conflict between men and women is at an all-time high. Black men are the only men who are systematically out-earned and out-educated by their own women. The resurgence of Black-faced white feminism on collegiate campuses has served to help young Black women misinterpret these social phenomena in ways that exacerbate misunderstandings between Black men and women. Simply stated, the U.S. government has effectively made the Black heterosexual alpha male economically irrelevant to the Black woman. This economic irrelevancy has had dire psychological, social, emotional and political consequences for the Black family and for Black children. With the Weaponization of child support that also took place during the Clinton years, Black men could now be arrested for not paying for children with jobs that they cannot even find. Needless to say, the American child support system has only served to breed further distrust between the Black man and woman. Have you ever wondered why professional athletes are the only heterosexual Black males that are favorably received in American society? Even still, its not a genuine appreciation as these men are worth billions of dollars to their white corporate handlers who have a vested interest in making sure they remain marketable and non-threatening to racist whites. Just as the War Against Black Power was refashioned into a more acceptable War Against Crime, the contemporary War Against Black Masculinity has been recast as a War Against Black Insensitivity to other minorities, most notably the LGBT-Feminist Army.

Both the Black and white LGBT and feminist armies are nothing more than the new faces of white racism against heterosexual Black Males in the 21st century. They serve as an informal police force whose job is to assassinate the character and public image of heterosexual Black men who stand in opposition to American social domestic social policies that are harmful to Black people. When whites had determined they had enough of seeing heterosexual Black males host the Oscars, they conveniently found a so-called homophobic tweet of Kevin Hart’s, from ten years ago, to justify their character assassination of America’s leading heterosexual Black male comedian. If the LGBT-Feminist cartel is not part of the larger white supremacist agenda why do we never see these movements come to the defense of Black people wrongfully accused or targeted. Why didn’t we see any Black or white feminist groups come to the defense of Black women murdered by white police, or Black girls physically assaulted in public school by security officers? Surely a movement that claims to be about the protection and promotion of women should be advocating for all women. Why don’t we see LGBT groups that strongly and consistently fight for equal justice on behalf of Black people. After all, we are all “minorities,” right? Yet, we tend to always see them go public when it’s time to promote their brands or socially lynch another heterosexual Black male. White supremacy has reinvented itself and now when it wants to destroy Black men it rebrands its victims as perpetrators, and the perpetrators now become the victims. Through unsubstantiated public allegations of homophobia and sexism, heterosexual Black males are being bulled, harassed, threatened and forced into supporting the racist population control and elimination campaign of the U.S. Government that disguises itself as a sexual freedom movement. How can you accuse America’s most historically maligned and oppressed population, heterosexual Black males, of systematic injustice against others, when they control absolutely nothing and yield no influence over any of the nation’s most critical institutions? Simple: You manufacture a social justice campaign not to protect Black men, the true victims, but to protect others from them. Do heterosexual Black men have a history of violence against Gays, lesbians, feminists or immigrants? No, they do not. So, from what harm emanating from the Black male population are your protecting these groups from? You are protecting them from the opinions of heterosexual Black men. Yes, the only power that the heterosexual Black alpha male has in this racist country, is the power to exercise his opinion. American society should be ashamed at the fact that it has made the opinions of Black men more dangerous than police genocide. This is exactly what America did in the 1970s & 1980s, redefine the victim and the victimizer and you can make the Black male a target of public scorn and ridicule. With all that America has done to the Black male, isn’t it interesting that the Black male is considered the main perpetrator of disorder and oppression in this country?

A few years ago, the NFL embarked on a campaign against domestic abuse where it destroyed the careers of several prominent Black heterosexual alpha male athletes behind charges of physically abusing their spouses and children. Interestingly, this is the same NFL that hypocritically destroyed Colin Kaepernick’s career for protesting police genocide by taking a knee during the singing of the national anthem (an anthem written by a notoriously racist slave regime supporting bigot with a voracious appetite for prosecuting abolitionists). Surely, if you want to protest domestic violence then you should definitely be supportive of protesting police genocide. Why did the NFL destroy Michael Vick’s career (the highest paid NFL athlete at the time of his indictment), for fighting and killing dogs, while doing nothing to protect the killing of heterosexual Black alpha males by police on America’s streets, the very same population upon whose backs it has built a multi-billion dollar financial empire? The answer is no different than why racist America will allow Bill Cosby to languish in jail while Weinstein, Spacey & Kraft continue to live their best lives. It is because this is not about justice but the destruction of heterosexual Black men. The fathers, builders and protectors of the Black Nation must be destroyed if their community is to be eliminated.

America has made objection to homosexuality both a social and a legal crime. Black heterosexual males are not allowed to oppose feminism or LGBTism. White classroom teachers can call our children the “N” word in front of other children and not lose their jobs, but a respectable disagreement with same-sex intimacy and your life can be ruined permanently. The LGBT-Feminist cooperative is so well organized and funded that to stand in opposition to same-sex marriage, or unfair targeting of Black men as sexual predators, is to be branded homophobic, chauvinistic or worse. Although neither one of these agendas hold any promise for the survival of the Black family, and are both risks to it, to oppose them is to be branded as hateful, intolerant, or worse. Heterosexual Black men are being denied work, fired from jobs, and kicked out of professional organizations just for exercising their God-given right to an opinion. The First Amendment to the Unites States Constitution affords one the Freedom of Speech. However, when it comes to social issues like homosexuality and feminism there is no such thing as freedom of speech. The unapologetic Black alpha male has always been America’s public enemy number #1. To eliminate the presumed threat these men pose to the maintenance and perpetuation of American structural racism this government has kept them uneducated, unemployed, incarcerated, away from their families, and in the cemetery. By targeting and destroying traditional Black family structure through the promotion of same-sex and interracial unions via the media, the American power structure hopes to reduce and ultimately prevent the conception of new alpha males altogether. The new goal is no longer to enslave, oppress or deny the Black alpha male, but to prevent his existence altogether. The current LGBT and feminist campaigns within inner city Black communities and public schools are designed to do just that. Disrupt the natural attraction that the Black boy and girl will sooner or later develop for one another, through a well-designed program of social engineering, and you eliminate the need for both contraception and abortion.

Other than Native Americans who have their reservations, American Blacks are the only non-white population in this country who cannot be deported to a native homeland. Ironically, the white man’s slavery created the peculiar dilemma with regard to how to rid himself of the Negro. The enslavement of American Afrikans destroyed the psychological and social connection that most Blacks once had to their native land. As such, many of us hate all things Afrikan, and especially Afrika herself. How do you get rid of fifty million people you never wanted and by whose presence you are absolutely repulsed? You have to engineer a campaign of racial genocide and extermination. Whether it be vaccinations, poor medical care, miseducation, abortion, hysterectomy, economic castration, poverty, mass incarceration, sterilization, same-sex propaganda in public school, police genocide, feminism, HIV/AIDS, homelessness, malnutrition, drug addiction, social indoctrination through media, Black-on-Black gun violence, or deliberate targeting of heterosexual Black alpha males, America will stop at nothing until she rids herself of the Black man, woman and child. The recent creation of the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture (DC), along with the 400 years of African-American history commission are distractions from the true agenda of this country which is the complete genocide of American Blacks. Isn’t it interesting that they’d spend one-half billion dollars on a museum, yet Black America doesn’t have adequate schools for its children or jobs for its adults? It is my prayer that our people wake up from their love affair with America before it is too late.

Dr. Umar Johnson is a Certified School Psychologist, Doctor of Clinical Psychology and one of the most requested public speakers in the world. He is founder of the International Movement for the Independence and Protection of Afrikan People (IMIPAP) as well as the National Independent Black Parent Association (NIBPA). He is author of “Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys.” He will be embarking upon a historic national emergency “Know Your Public School Rights!” Training Conference Tour this year to teach Black parents how to save their sons from America’s School-to-Prison Pipeline, the Special Education Exploitation System, and the Predatory ADHD/Psychiatric Medication Movement. He will be training Black parents in Louisiana (2.1), Washington DC (2.8), Oklahoma (3.21), Mississippi (4.18), Texas (5.2) & Ohio (6.20). You may attend any of the trainings and can register for the conference at DrUmarJohnson.com, you do not have to be a parent in order to attend. Dr. Umar is currently raising the $1 million dollars necessary to fully restore his four-building school campus. Purchased last year, the campus will house his much-anticipated Frederick Douglass and Marcus Garvey Academy (FDMG) for Black boys: a school that will be based upon the principles of Frederick Douglass’ political agitation, Marcus Garvey’s Pan-Afrikanism and International Economic Empowerment for Black people. You can donate at cash.me/$FDMGSchool or mail donations to: FDMG ACADEMY, PO BOX 9634, WILMINGTON DE 19809. He can be reached for interview or lecture scheduling at DrUmarJohnson@yahoo.com or 844-4DR-UMAR.

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