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Monday, February 22, 2016

UrbanHangSuite.com Advises Black Men, Boosts Black-Owned Businesses

— Web start-up gains traction, subscribers during Black History Month —

Howard Franklin

UrbanHangSuite.com Co-Founder and CEO, Howard Franklin

Atlanta, GA — Responding to daunting odds stacked against men of color, UrbanHangSuite.com is working to solve two problems in the black community at once.

The online shopping and advice guide promotes culturally relevant products and services designed with black men in mind. A majority of products featured on the site are made and marketed by minority entrepreneurs, addressing another challenge – encouraging support of black-owned businesses.

“UrbanHangSuite.com helps black men and black-owned businesses succeed in one fell swoop,” said Howard Franklin, a graduate of Morehouse College who is responsible for editorial direction. “While sharing tips and products that help Black men look good, live well and achieve success, we connect minority entrepreneurs with their best customers: other minorities.”

Differentiating itself from other publications through content focused on wellness, fashion, technology and uplift for men of color, UrbanHangSuite.com gives black-owned businesses special recognition on its website, social media and email distribution.

The founders assert that black men’s magazines, beset by challenges in the publishing industry, have not evolved beyond the typical fare of scantily clad women, urban music, sports and entertainment. As incomes for African-Americans have risen, and men become increasingly discerning shoppers, UrbanHangSuite.com is poised to channel that expanded earning power toward culturally inclusive retailers.

“Our consumers have discerning tastes and disposable income, and they appreciate our approach to keeping them informed and empowered,” said Larry Stewart, a Georgia Tech graduate who is responsible for technology and marketing. “Black History Month has been a valuable test case and we are encouraging subscribers to spread the word, submit product ideas, and offer suggestions.”

Still in beta, the company placed special emphasis on Black History Month, featuring only black-owned businesses in February. “We are showcasing trailblazers that are making history today and empowering our community to support the entrepreneurs and innovators tomorrow,” said Franklin.

For more details about the web site, visit www.UrbanHangSuite.com


Howard Franklin
Co-founder and CEO of UrbanHangSuite.com