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Monday, February 27, 2023

Black Educator Records New Song Called “I Am a Teacher” Based on His Book

Vincent Taylor

Nationwide — When teacher shortages are at an all-time high and it feels like there’s a huge departure from the profession, Vincent Taylor, an educator of 27 years, proudly states, “I am a teacher.” This passion led the 4th-grade teacher from Jacksonville, Florida to record a song called I am a Teacher which celebrates educators all over the country.

“I’ve dedicated my life to teaching and learning, and I know so many of my colleagues who have done the same. This song is for every teacher that lives to see that smile on a child’s face when he or she finally gets it,” says Mr. Taylor. Feeling the sincerity in each word that he speaks, he also wanted it to be known that for every principal, assistant principal, or superintendent that has ever been a teacher, this song is for them too because ‘once a teacher, always a teacher.’

The energy that this University of Florida alum exudes when talking about his students is infectious. I understand it when he says, “My job as a teacher is not complete until my students fall in love with learning.”

“I am a Teacher” was inspired by a chapter in Mr. Taylor’s highly sought-after professional development book called If Instruction Isn’t Engaging, I Quit! The chapter that correlates with the song is the one about teacher enthusiasm. Be the first to see his I am a Teacher music video on February 5th by subscribing to his YouTube channel. You can find his book on Amazon.

The song is also available for purchase on iTunes.

For press inquiries, contact Vincent Taylor at 904-778-0372 or vtaylor4@bellsouth.net