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Monday, February 12, 2024

Black Author Writes New Book About His Late Mom Whom He Says Was His Superhero

Waldo Theus, author of Mother's Touch

Nationwide — An amateur writer writes an inspiring and passionate book. To his mother, family, the Black community and the world to enjoy. Waldo Theus, is seen in this photo stands beside a bookshelf filled with pictures of family members. While holding a copy of his new book, A Mother’s Touch written in honor of his mother.

Written to his family members, friends the black community and the world. Waldo started his book, two years after the death of his mother. His book started out as e-mails, sent to his sisters a few months after the death of their mother. The e-mails were a tool, to help him and his sisters purchase a memorial for their mother. The memorial represented a final goodbye, to a loving mother who’s life ended much too soon because of bone cancer. For one reason or another, the same it true for many people in theBlack communities and around the world.

These e-mails helped Waldo, his sister’s and family accept the grief and lost of there mother. Waldo continued to write encouraging spiritual letters to himself, sister’s, father and friends. After over a year of writing, his oldest sister Stephanie asked him if he was writing a book. Waldo stated, “No”!

Because as a child, Waldo developed a speech problems, which caused him to stud-er while talking. During his training, with the speech therapist, Waldo tried to talk with other children. But, they would laugh at him and call him names. It took years of training, with the speech therapist for Waldo to talk normal. Then, at nine years old Waldo was molested by a stranger on his way to a neighborhood store. Rather than allow his anger, surrounding and another person actions to destroy him. Waldo used him anger to help him develop into an athlete.

In high school, Waldo became a 5’11, 245-pound nose guard and linebacker. He could ran the forty yard dash in 4.7 second, he could bench press and dead lifted over three hundred pounds. In his senior year, Waldo was named as a “Blue-Chipper” football player. Which made him one of the top (100) high school football player in Arkansas and Texas high schools. A local newspaper called this group of athletes, “The cream of the crop.” During his senior year Waldo received letters of interest from Penn State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Arkansas, S.M.U. Along with numerous scholar offers from colleges throughout Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

After accepting a football scholarship to S.M.U., Waldo decided to major in Social Work. With the goal of becoming a therapist, counselor or a teacher to help others with there emotional and mental problems. He stopped sixteen hours short of his BA degree in Social Work. Two of the six classes, he needed to complete his degree were in English.

In his senior year, Waldo thought about going into the army, but decided to start a career as a security guard. After over a year, at a thirty story office building in downtown Dallas. Waldo was promoted to a supervisor position. A sergeant with the Dallas Police department, asked Waldo if he thought about a career as a police officer. He said yes and, with the sergeant recommendation waldo completed the paperwork to become a Dallas police officer before his last interview, which would have enroll him into the police academy.

On another occasion, Waldo had an affair with a coworker after he broke up with her. The next day she filed assault charges. Waldo was arrested, a year later he received five years probation for an assault conviction. Returning to Arkansas after his divorce, without a degree Waldo work in warehouses as a forklift driver for years. He visited his son in Longview, Texas, numerous time before moving back to Dallas.

To be closer to him son and finish his degree in Social Work. After working a number of warehouse jobs, and being financially unable to enroll at S.M.U. Waldo decided to go back into security. He got a job with a security company, his first assignment was at a parking garage. The garage was connected to the same building where he worked at eight years earlier as a security guard supervisor. For the past twenty-two years Waldo has worked as a Building Engineer. He earned a EPA Technician #1, MG and FCAW welding and Forklift certification in two years.

Seven years after his mother’s death, Waldo completed his book A Mother’s Touch. It’s available for purchase on Amazon.