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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

New Book by Walter the Educator Uses Poetry to Discuss Life Lessons

Do You Play Football? by Walter the Educator

Nationwide — Helping people with life lessons via unique poems is the subject of a new book by Walter the Educator entitled Do You Play Football: Poems about Life Lessons from the Greatest Player that Never Played the Game. The book is a literary work of poems from the greatest player that never played the game. Readers will discover life lessons about relationships, spirituality, health, finances, education, politics, social issues, and more.

Here’s an Excerpt From the Book’s Intro:

“Yes, I confess. I am the greatest player that never played the game. My skillset, strength, and speed were the best. So much so that every single (with emphasis) day in college, coaches begged me to play the game they loved and adored. After succumbing to their consistent groveling, I practiced, competed, and outplayed players that were NFL professional draft picks before determining that the game they loved was not in my heart. I had nothing against the game, but I had no love for the game, and you should have love for a game that can cause you life-threatening injuries. Even after determining that I would not play, football agents insisted on representing an impassionate young man because my unofficial Wonderlic score was perfect (50/50), my strength was enduring (225 pounds 60 consecutive times – unofficial), and my speed was the fastest time ever recorded for a defensive end (4.29 – unofficial).”

“I insisted on not playing; prognosticators predicted that I would. I never did, making me the greatest player that never played the game, in my opinion. My football swag never went away. Years removed from the unapologetic decision to move on from the game everybody else loved, people always continuously commented, “Do you play football?” That question asked of me sparked so many debates about life in general that I decided to create this poetry book about the life lessons learned generated from the conversations sparked.”

About the Author
Walter the Educator is one of the pseudonyms for Walter Anderson. Formally educated in Chemistry, Business, and Education, he is an educator, an author, a diverse entrepreneur, and the son of a disabled war veteran. “Walter the Educator” shares his time between educating and creating. He holds interests and owns several creative projects that entertain, enlighten, enhance, and educate, hoping to inspire and motivate you.

Book Details:
Do You Play Football? Poems about Life Lessons from the Greatest Player that Never Played the Game (Available wherever books are sold and at WalterTheEducator.com)

Available as a 150-page Hardcover ISBN-13: 9781088118160, Paperback ISBN-13: 9781088119488, and an eBook.

For press inquiries, contact press@waltertheeducator.com

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