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Monday, July 17, 2023

Afro-Funk Jazz Artist, Plunky, Branches Out in New Reggae Direction on His Latest Single, “I’ll Be There”


Nationwide — Plunky, a musician who has been at the forefront of Afro-centric jazz, funk, and go-go for over 50 years, has released his group’s latest single, “I’ll Be There” on N.A.M.E. Brand Records. The new single performed by his group, Plunky & Oneness, marks a departure from their usual sound, with a reggae-influenced R&B track that showcases Plunky’s heartfelt vocals and emotional lyrics.

“I’ll Be There” is a song about loyalty and fidelity, with a lover pledging their devotion to their long-term partner. Plunky composed the melody and lyrics over a drill rhythm track produced by his son, Fire, and DJ Diallo. The sparse, dub-reggae rhythm track spotlights the song’s poignant message and soulful performance by Plunky and his background singers.

The accompanying music video, shot on location in Montego Bay, Jamaica, features breathtaking footage of the tropical setting and creates a wistful backdrop for the lover’s pledging declaration. The video with its aerial drone footage was directed by Fire and edited by Plunky.

DJ Papa D, MC and music director of Dub Party FM Radio in Jamaica, has already been playing preliminary mixes of “I’ll Be There” on his radio show, and receiving tremendous responses from his listeners. Plunky said, “The feedback from Papa D and his audience has been encouraging and validates the vibrancy of the track and the universal sentiment of the song.”

Plunky has been at the forefront of Afro-centric jazz, funk, and go-go for over 50 years. He has woven these interrelated musical forms into a forward-looking message of empowerment, positivity, and cultural awareness. Plunky and Oneness of Juju’s landmark African Rhythms record was released in 1975 on the pioneering D.C.-based indie label Black Fire. Plunky’s band found itself able to move with the times, scoring early ’80s house/disco hits and touring in both Europe and Africa. In recent years, Plunky has recorded in an urban/contemporary vein.

“These days I am still producing a wide variety of songs in various genres, from experimental cosmic jazz to Afro-beats to R&B funk to smooth instrumentals and hip-hop. So, while we’re doing a few reggae joints, I can’t say that this represents a whole new, singular direction for us,” Plunky said.

“I’ll Be There” is sure to be a standout addition to Plunky & Oneness’ extensive catalog, showcasing their continued growth and experimentation as artists.

Learn more about the group at its official website at PlunkyOne.com

Watch the music video here:

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