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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Black Entrepreneur Launches Hair Care Products That Restore Stubborn Damaged Hair in Weeks

Angela H. Brown, Founder and CEO of Deserve Healthy Hair

Nationwide — Meet Angela H. Brown, Founder and CEO of Deserve Healthy Hair, which produces the first plant-based product line that reverses extreme hair loss issues much faster than most products on the market today. She created and launched her haircare brand in 2016.

D’Serv Healthy Hair Care products have blown customers away with the simple steps but big results, and how the products cater to all textures. Angela’s humble beginning started when she started as a salon professional in 1989, and she was told that she was not smart enough to do anything else. She has always had to work extremely to behind the chair to make ends meet.

Angela deep down knew that she was meant to accomplish more in life. She beat all odds in her mid-forties when she noticed that so many people were losing their hair rapidly, and she developed the products to take care of everything that people complain about and suffer from in hair care. On social media, many people have stated that her products are the truth, and instantly change the lives of the customers who use D’Serv products.

Angela has always been the underdog, now she is proving to the world that D’Serv Healthy Hair Care Products will one day be a household name, and in homes and salons worldwide.
Angela has proven that stubborn hair can and will regrow with understanding performance, application, coaching, and consistency! So nevertheless, she developed a proven system called D’Serv PACC Hair Loss Treatment System! When educating salon professionals Angela says understanding your clients’ texture matters. This year she is focused on getting potential new clients to reach their hair goals, by changing old hair neglect and habits.

In humble beginnings, Angela’s first product was the Damage Reversal Elixir Oil, it has remained the top seller as of today! So, this year the company is doing a relaunch and marketing of the product that started changing the lives of so many people who wanted thicker edges, hair, beards, moisture, and annoying itching of the scalp! She feels that the product never had a fair chance to shine all by itself, and 2024 will be a big marketing blast for the product.

Although all the products are so wonderful together, the elixir will have its own dance. Now she will still highlight all the other bundles and consult potential D’Serv customers on how to get the hair help that they need and fall in love with their hair all over again! Angela’s passion for regrowing hair has been a God-given purpose and now she is coming out of hiding to eliminate as many people as possible who have the shame from hair loss.

To learn more about the products, visit DeserveHealthyHair.com

For press inquiries, contact info@deservehealthyhair.com