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Monday, February 12, 2024

Black Stock Trading Experts to Teach 300 Beginners How to Trade Options Through Their Game and Mentorship Program

JR Fenwick and Eric Johnson, Founders of Flip That Option

Nationwide — Last year, J.R. Fenwick, founder and CEO of FLip That Stock, a stock market education and technology company and Eric V. Johnson, an options trading expert joined forces and set out to prove that they could teach 100 people how to trade options profitably through a new game and mentorship program they created.

Not only did they prove it, but it was so successful that the game went viral and they were featured in numerous articles and were the featured speakers at a major conference sharing their success secrets.

This year they are at it again and will teach 300 beginners how to trade options profitably to change their financial futures.

“Trading options can be very confusing and frustrating to learn when taught the old fashion way, which is why so few people make it to actually trading options or even get started. We knew with our game and mentorship program we had something special” says J.R. and Eric.

Trading options offers the opportunity to make consistent daily and weekly income from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, taking less than 15 minutes a day to place a trade.

Additionally, people can start with a small amount of money and leverage that into big gains versus letting their money sit in a savings account. And those who learn the skill of trading options will have the opportunity to enjoy “passive” income that can be generated while they are at work, home or even on vacation.

“People love the freedom that comes with trading. This is the perfect side hustle for those looking to generate extra income,” says J.R. and Eric.

Their program includes: The FLip That Option Game and Mentoring through educational online videos, LIVE training each week, a private community board that members can post and chat with each other on, daily posting of option opportunities and daily support for all traders.

Each week, J.R. and Eric conduct DEMOS of The FLip That Option Game, as well as, information sessions about their mentoring program.

To get more details about The FLip That Option Game and the Mentoring Program visit FLipThatOption.com

For interviews and/or to have the founders speak at your event visit FLipThatOption.com, then click “Contact Us”.