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Monday, April 22, 2024

Meet the Host of a Podcast That Features Black Americans Over 60 Who Are Still Dating, Staying Fit, and Living Vibrantly

Sage Collective launches Sage Vibrant Living, The Podcast to highlight the stories of people who, at 60 and older, are still dating, adventuring, staying fit, and living vibrantly.

<b>Photo credit: Derek Blanks with crowdMGMT</b>

Nationwide — Sage Collective, a leader in senior housing known for its commitment to wellness and empowerment for older adults, announces the launch of its new audio series called Sage Vibrant Living, the Podcast hosted by Donna Gaines. Season one of the series is already available on all podcast platforms and features stories of older adults who are living their passions and defying perceptions of aging.

In season one of Sage Vibrant Living, the Podcast, listeners will hear from Black Enterprise media executive Alfred Edmond Jr. At 64, Edmond believes that health is wealth. He personifies that mantra through competitive bodybuilding and creating multiple income streams even as he continues to work full-time. Also featured is Barbara Bates, a Chicago fashion icon. Now in her late 60s, she shares how she stays relevant in a youth-oriented industry and blends style with philanthropy.

Under the leadership of Donna Gaines, Sage Collective champions innovative approaches to enhance the quality of life for seniors. This podcast is a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering connectedness and promoting a positive outlook on aging.

“We’re at a pivotal moment where the conversation around aging needs to shift from one of decline to one of opportunity and empowerment. Our society is aging; people are living longer and it’s imperative that we recognize and celebrate the potential that exists within this phase of life,” Gaines said.

“The ‘Sage Vibrant Living’ podcast aims to prove that aging is not a limitation but a continuation of a journey. Now is the time to dismantle outdated stereotypes, and to inspire a future where every individual can approach aging with excitement and optimism,” she added.

The podcast series also sheds light on the personal journey toward joy of retired physician Cheryl Woodson, MD. At age 68, she’s now dating, dancing, and ditching relationships that no longer serve her. Longtime entrepreneur and legal advocate Dwain Kyles and former radio personality Emilie McKendall tag team on the episode about advocacy. Lastly, rounding out the first season of the podcast are Vibrant Living Expert Dr. Geneva Williams and author/publisher Donald Brooks Jones.

Williams shares her story of overcoming profound grief to emerge as a beauty pageant winner (at age 69), while Jones explains why it’s so important to tell your own story and gives steps on exactly how to do so.

“Sage Vibrant Living is more than just a podcast; it’s a movement towards redefining the narrative on aging and amplifying the voices of those who are fearlessly navigating their senior years with purpose, passion, and zeal,” said Gaines.

All six episodes of the podcast will be available on April 18, 2024, wherever on-demand audio content is streamed and at SageCollective.org

Sage Collective is a leader in senior housing, dedicated to fostering a lifestyle of wellness and empowerment for older adults. Through its innovative approach that includes engaging intergenerational programs and activities, Sage Collective promotes connectedness, well-being, and a vibrant life for all its community members.

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