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Thursday, February 8, 2024

24-Year-Old Black CEO Revolutionizing Old-Fashioned Backpack Designs Opens New Headquarters in Cleveland

The 1500 square foot space will be the new home to the WEARPACK and evolve into a full-service production & distribution facility in the coming years.

Chad J. Porter, founder of CHVD JUSTIN

Nationwide — Chad J. Porter, Founder, CEO & visionary force behind the CHVD JUSTIN brand will unveil a new headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio in the coming months. This strategic move underscores the brands commitment to operational excellence and providing top-tier quality and innovation.

The 1500 square foot warehouse will serve as both a work space for CHVD JUSTIN employees and a full-service fulfillment center for the brand’s flagship bag, the WEARPACK®.

“Today marks a defining moment for our company as we unveil our first flagship headquarters,” said Chad J. Porter, CEO and Founder of CHVD JUSTIN. “I started this company from my college dorm room, so to have a headquarters truly marks a milestone for myself, the brand, and the team.”

In line with a new headquarters, CHVD JUSTIN is embarking on an official rebranding initiative for the WEARPACK®, signaling an enhanced identity that fuses sleek minimalism with unparalleled versatility. Crafted with precision and luxury in mind, the WEARPACK® will continue to revolutionize the way consumers carry their essentials. Through the bag’s four main functions – backpack, handbag, waist bag, or crossbody – the WEARPACK® provides the perfect blend of style and functionality.

CHVD JUSTIN WEARPACKS® are sold exclusively online at chvdjustin.com and are available for nationwide shipping.

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram at @chvdjustin.

Founded in 2019 by a college student with a dream is an innovative bag & apparel company founded by Chad J. Porter straight from his dorm room. Pioneered to revolutionize the way people carry their world, the WEARPACK® was created as a versatile, stylish, functional option for the modern day consumer on the go. Proudly standing as a Black-founded and owned enterprise, the CHVD JUSTIN brand is proud to denote itself as an inspiration-first company.

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