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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Black Couple, Owners of Million-Dollar Burger Brand, Now Helping Chefs, Home Cooks, Caterers, and Bakers

QVC Food Award Winners are helping anyone with a tasty dish or drink achieve financial freedom by getting their recipes ready to sell in grocery stores, online, and on TV.

Chevalo and Monique Wilsondebriano

Nationwide — Chevalo and Monique Wilsondebriano, an African American entrepreneurial couple from Charleston, South Carolina, transformed their backyard burger recipe into a million-dollar business by packaging their creations for grocery store shelves. Their burger products have been featured in Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco, Lowes, Macy’s, World Market, and Amazon. They’ve also appeared on The Food Network, NBC’s Today Show, Black Enterprise, Good Morning America, QVC, Better Homes & Garden. They’ve delivered lectures for the Specialty Food Association, Facebook Corporate, & Lowe’s Home Improvement. They regularly give back to the community by inspiring youth entrepreneurship in schools and church groups.

From Recipe to Retail

Today their passion is to help any ambitious Chef, Home Cook, Caterer, or Baker create the lifestyle they deserve by helping them get their dishes or drinks packaged to sell in national retail stores, as well as online and on television. They are accomplishing this via their launch of a Recipe For Retail VIP Accelerator

Helping Chefs & Foodies

“We want to help everyone,” says Monique. “Everybody receives support from us regardless of their circumstance”. The couple believes that many in the food industry are working hard without receiving the proper rewards. Their goal is to provide the knowledge for people to work smarter, not harder.

“Every Chef needs to understand that they have the option to have their signature dishes on the shelves being purchased in thousands of grocery stores every day, as opposed to cooking in a kitchen serving one plate at a time”.

Free Resources

Their free Facebook Group Community is open to anyone in the culinary world who wants to access valuable content to move their food business forward.

They also offer a free YouTube channel with several videos delivering real information on transforming a recipe into a finished product for the shelves.

VIP Program

For people who want to get on the “fast track” to getting their food creations on the shelves, Chevalo & Monique also offer an exclusive paid VIP Accelerator. “The people who join our VIP Accelerator are Chefs, Home Cooks, Bakers & Caterers who want to create a new and exciting lifestyle for themselves immediately,” says Chevalo. “Not only do they want to see their dishes on the shelves as quickly as possible, they want media opportunities, speaking engagements…they want to create a financial legacy for themselves and their family, and they don’t have time or money to waste.”

Monique says, “They understand the value of expert mentorship and they want to work directly with us to guide them through the process.”

Student Testimonials

“People going through our Recipe For Retail VIP Accelerator are getting their food products on the shelves fast,” says Chevalo. “We’re so excited for their achievements,” Monique continues “We have so many success stories. It’s amazing to see several of our students enjoying the accolades that only a packaged product on the shelves can provide. Students are getting national media opportunities on TV, in magazines, and even on The Food Network. We’re so proud.”

For press inquiries, send an email to contact@recipeforretail.com or call (843) 847-8369.