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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Black Motivational Speaker/Author to Kick Off “The Key to Unlock Happiness” Nationwide Tour in Florida

Donald E. Archey

Nationwide — Donald E. Archey, a luminary in the motivational speaking and authorship realms, is poised to illuminate the nation with his latest literary gem, The Key to Unlock Happiness. The grand revelation is scheduled for February 17, 2024, with a live recording and streaming nationwide at the historic New Hope Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This event marks the unveiling of a ground-breaking book and signals the commencement of a nationwide tour that promises to transcend the boundaries of motivation, inspiration and empowerment.

Fort Lauderdale, a city with its origins embedded in Archey’s personal and professional
journey, holds profound significance as the starting point for this nationwide tour. The decision to kick off the tour in Fort Lauderdale is a thoughtful homage to the city where Archey’s aspirations took root and flourished.

More than just a book launch, this event celebrates unity and shared dreams. For this place, Archey quotes, “Fort Lauderdale is my home, I thought I should either open or end the tour at this place, I decide to open the tour from here, and I made sure to open and celebrate Black History Month where some of my friends, colleague and the public will meet and greet before the main event,” highlighting the personal touch that sets the tenor for an evening of celebration.

Archey extends a warm invitation to all attendees for an immersive Meet and Greet session. This interactive commencement fosters an atmosphere of laughter and meaningful connections. Archey foresees this session as an opportunity for attendees to engage with the transformative concepts in the book and with like-minded individuals on a personal level. His promise to create a memorable experience reflects his belief that genuine connections are the cornerstone of the happiness he advocates in his book.

In the event, special appreciation and regards to Seth will be given from Straxum Technologies, from Ontario, Canada, Archey’s media platform head, adding extra excitement to the evening.

Receiving tributes for his fascinating seminar “It’s Possible” at the Annual National Black Book Festival in Houston, Texas, on October 28, 2023, Donald left a lasting impact. He flawlessly blends humor, quotes, and wisdom of great intellectuals like Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates with messages of hope; he took the audience on an emotional coaster journey. Archey’s passion, energy, and ability to engage with the audience gained him a standing ovation.

At age 62, Archey attributes his energy to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When asked about his hopes for the audience on his tour, he expressed, “My biggest hope is that people use the tools I share to reach their goals and dreams, finding the good in the world despite the challenges.” He added, “I really hope that the young kids that come will see someone who looks like them on stage and be inspired to become an author and or motivational speaker.”

In his seminar and in his book, Donald highlights the power of persistence with his personal quote, “Persistence wears down resistance.” This mantra resonates with his message of overcoming obstacles and staying committed to one’s goals. He encourages his audience to symbolize this spirit of persistence in their search for happiness.

Dr. Jeana Kindle, Archey’s publicist flying in from Los Angeles to oversee the live production, adds a layer of eagerness to the event. Having witnessed the strength of Archey’s previous seminar, she is confident that Fort Lauderdale will be another milestone. She was asked about Donald’s booking and plans for his tour, to which she shared, “I am receiving calls and requests from all over the country. With the energy Donald has, I would not be surprised if he goes to all states.”

Organizations and individuals interested in hosting Donald during his 2024 tour can reach out through DonaldArchey.com.

The Key to Unlock Happiness serves as the tour’s guiding theme. Donald encourages everyone to grab a copy, available on Amazon, and join the journey towards unlocking happiness. As he shares insights from the book during the tour, audiences are in for an inspiring experience that transcends the stage. There is no fee to attend the meet and great or the live recording.

Donald E. Archey stands not only as a distinguished motivational speaker and author but also as a beacon of inspiration shaped by a multifaced career. His journey extends beyond the pages of his book; it is a testament to resilience, determination, and a commitment to helping others unlock their potential.

To request Donald E. Archey to speak at an event during his 2024 tour and for press inquiries or media interviews you can contact Donald @ donaldarchey.com or call 954-366-5695.

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