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Monday, June 5, 2023

Book Reveals Black Woman’s Inspirational Journey, Courage and Conquest Over Cancer

Mallika Stubbs

Nationwide — Meet Mallika Stubbs, the author of a powerful book entitled reMISSION: reSTORATIVE Practices to reALIGN Purpose. It’s a biography and memoir that is also a collection of short stories, poetry, and quotes that helps readers reflect, heal, and live more fully. In the book, Mallika, who is an educator from Charlotte, North Carolina, talks about her inspirational journey with cancer including her terrifying diagnosis at 34 years old and how she was able to change her mindset.

In reMISSION, she teaches readers how to use prompts and techniques to embrace and harness one’s power. Readers will learn to root themselves in self-care and manifest their hopes and dreams. She comments, “My book allows us to acknowledge, hold space for, and unpack those uniquely beautiful experiences that prepare us for greatness.”

Mallika is a veteran educator who is committed to the empowerment of helping others through coaching. She has spent more than 20 years working with diverse groups of student and adult learners. She is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coach with a proven track record of increasing outcomes, supporting organizations on their transformation journey, and providing 1:1 coaching for adults. Her doctoral work focuses on the Transformational Coaching Model as a deliberate job-embedded professional development practice for leadership development.

In reMISSION, Mallika describes her diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) right before her 35th birthday. Her first thought was to strategically inform her family and friends without alarming them of the bleak prognosis the doctors had shared hours before. As it turned out, explaining cancer was only the beginning.

“I am thrilled to share my latest book with readers,” said Mallika. “I believe reMISSION will be an insightful and entertaining read for those who are a survivor of anything, your resilience will be amplified, and your purpose will become clear. reMISSION helps individuals on their healing journal as they recommit to a purpose-driven life after being dealt life’s most powerful blow. It aims to provide skills to build capacity, empower change and restore hope as you navigate traumatic experiences.

reMISSION is available in print and digital formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart, as well as in select bookstores. It has received very positive reviews from early readers with: “Inspired and thought-provoking book. 10/10 I recommend this book! Great read! Beautiful lessons on life taught through a powerful (and true) story!”

For more information about Mallika Stubbs, visit TheCatalystCoach.net

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About the author
Mallika Stubbs is an author/Educational Specialist and Transformation Coach with 23 years of experience in the Educational Consulting field. Her debut book reMISSION debuted as a number-one bestseller in the category of Educator Biographies on Amazon.