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Thursday, November 16, 2023

12-Year-Old Featured on ‘Steve Harvey Show’ Finally Launches His Own TV Show

He is Now One of the Youngest TV Executive Producers in the Business

Nicholas Buamah

Nationwide — 12-year-old Nicholas Buamah, known for his appearance on the Steve Harvey Show at the age of 8, has continued to achieve remarkable feats. He has authored three bestselling books and provided healthcare insurance for over 3,500 children living in Ghana. And now, this young philanthropist is venturing into the world of family-friendly television with his own TV show, Nick’s House, set to premiere on Thanksgiving Day. This makes him one of the youngest individuals to executive produce a TV episodic, showcasing his exceptional talents and commitment to making a positive impact.

Teaming up with Hollywood heavyweight director LaMont Ferrell, assistant director Reshaun Jones, and producer Toiya Tillman, Nicholas successfully led a team of professionals to produce the pilot episode of Nick’s House. Nicholas shares the screen with his good friends Janae Madison, Seree’ Abellard, Cavanaugh Bell, and Bailey Love.

After declining contract offers that seemed to undervalue the project, Nicholas and his actively involved mother, Danielle, have chosen to independently release the show on Thanksgiving Day, aiming for a global audience and community support. They feel that there’s a higher purpose for Nick’s House and they wanted to release it on their own terms.

The young mogul has created merchandise to sell to help raise money to produce an entire season of his TV show along with starting a GoFundMe campaign. Nicholas is encouraging the community to support his project because it highlights black children in a positive light and showcases black excellence at his finest. Representation matters.

Nicholas has dreams of one day filming future episodes of Nick’s House in Tyler Perry Studios which is located in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

The show will be available to stream on Nicholas’ online platform MotherHubbard.TV and YouTube on Thanksgiving Day, allowing viewers worldwide to enjoy. Nicholas encourages parents to send in acting reels of their children to potentially be featured on future episodes of the family-friendly sitcom.

“The sky is not the limit. There is no limit to your greatness,” says Nicholas.

Be sure to follow him on Facebook (@NicksHouseTV) and Instagram (@NicksHouseTV).

For press inquiries, contact Mother Hubbard & Co. LLC at 404-740-7835 or NicksHouseTV@gmail.com