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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Black Chocolatier Tired of Being Fired Created His Own Chocolate Company & Hired Himself

Patrick Glanville, founder and CEO of 3 Some Chocolate

Nationwide — Getting laid off from a job can be stressful and discouraging, especially when you are a Black man in America dealing with systematic racism. Some people decide to use this time of stress and inequality as an opportunity to create an even better life for themselves and their families by starting their own business and that’s exactly what Patrick Glanville did when he launched his own chocolate company. Tired of getting fired and being paid less although having years of work experience, he decided to use his talents as a chocolatier to create a new and unique chocolate experience. That’s when he created 3 Some Chocolates, a chocolate brand that combines 3 flavors into 1, offers it in a pack of 3, and calls it a 3 Some which can be shared with everyone.

The company was launched in 2017, created by Patrick Glanville with his partner Kristin Parker-Glanville, this company has been raising the bar in the chocolate industry by introducing new and enticing flavors never seen before by chocolate lovers. They’ve sold and shipped their products all over the United States and the world. The concept was created by Glanville, the 3 Some Chocolates Founder/President and CEO, who wanted to utilize his skills as an artist and culinary artist. He began working on his craft at the age of 10 with his grandmother who first taught him how to cook, temper chocolate, and create many other delicacies. One of her favorite treats was her secret family recipe, her “Jerk Chocolates” which she passed down to Glanville. Born and raised in Southside Jamaica, Queens, Glanville eventually perfected his craft by becoming a certified chocolatier after studying at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Lebbeke, Belgium alongside his partner, Kristin Parker-Glanville.

3 Some Chocolates has recorded more than 400,000 units sold, garnered a plethora of five-star ratings, and has accumulated more than 75,000 customers and counting. 3 Some Chocolates is a unique company and you will only find their trademarked items on their platforms. Kristin Parker, born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, is the CFO/Co-CEO of 3 Some Chocolates. Parker who has a background in business administration, operations, and finance worked to build and protect the brand and help the brand reach its true potential. It was very important for the certified chocolatiers to properly build their business from its foundation and structured everything properly. Glanville who has a background in graphic design, management, and sales created the design of the products from bar to packaging as well as the recipes, website, and marketing material. This two-person, husband and wife team have combined their talents in order to set up their company to be a disruptor in the chocolate industry. You will find exclusive items such as their sweet and spicy trademarked Jerk Chocolate Bites, their limited edition Ruby and White Red Velvet Cookie bar, and an array of delicious truffles such as their Coquito Truffles and Cognac Truffles on their website at www.3somechocolates.com.

Both Parker and Glanville agreed that it was important for them to use good judgment and create a company name that creates shock value before jumping into their dream of building a globally renowned, premium chocolate emporium, which will soon be based in major cities across the country. The millennial couple understands the importance of building an online presence. When they first started their company, their customers loved the product so much, they would snap a photo holding the chocolate box which the company would subsequently place on their social media sites, which is full of satisfied chocolate lovers. In their plans to expand their offerings, Parker and Glanville have launched a CrowdFunding campaign where they have already obtained many investors who look forward to becoming a part of their chocolate journey. The Equity Raise, on WeFunder, 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine Inc. will be the parent company where they will manufacture and distribute all products and serve as the physical franchise flagship locations, scaling from their online store to a brick and mortar.

To learn how to become an investor, visit www.wefunder.com/3.some.chocolates, and don’t forget to visit 3SomeChocolates.com to “Get Some 3 Some!”


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