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Monday, April 1, 2024

Black Homeschooling Mom of 9 Continues to Inspire with Her Unique Bilingual Books for Children

Shy Santiago

Nationwide — Shylene Santiago, a visionary mother of nine children and a dedicated advocate for children’s literacy, persists in her mission to create one-of-a-kind beginner bilingual books for children across the globe.

With a deep understanding of the power of representation in children’s literature, Santiago has been crafting captivating books that not only entertain but also empower young readers from diverse backgrounds.

Her books serve as a testament to the beauty of linguistic diversity and the importance of cultural inclusivity in early childhood education.

Each of Santiago’s books is a masterpiece of creativity and inclusivity, weaving together two languages into a seamless narrative that reflects the richness of multiculturalism. Through vibrant illustrations that will engage any age, these books provide you with a gateway to explore different languages and cultures while nurturing a sense of identity and belonging.

By leveraging her unique perspective and creativity, Santiago has become a beacon of inspiration for children and families around the world, championing the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As she continues to expand her collection of beginner bilingual books, Santiago remains committed to breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive literary landscape for generations to come.

The collection of beginner bilingual books by Shylene Santiago and her amazing children is available for purchase on Amazon.

Also, be sure to follow her on social media:
Instagram – @Multilingualstars
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For media inquiries, please contact shylene_santiago@yahoo.com or 704-641-2069.