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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Meet the Founder of the 1st Black Woman-Owned Self-Sustainable Container Home Manufacturing Facility

Giving investors the opportunity to invest in a company dedicated to providing safe, affordable, and environmentally sustainable luxury container homes.

Tamika Shari Bond, founder and CEO of Bond Containers

Nationwide — Meet Tamika Shari Bond, founder and CEO of Bond Containers, the first-ever Black woman-owned self-sustainable container home manufacturing facility. This is in a bid to provide clients with homes that are strong, affordable, and self-sustainable. It is common knowledge that there is a high demand for homes that are both safe and affordable. With issues such as the pandemic alongside other circumstances, this has only been a dream for some people. Bond Containers is however set to make this dream come true.

The construction company is set to build homes that are strong, affordable, and stylish. With Bond Containers, clients will be getting homes that are not only affordable but also features an off-grid backup system in the event of a natural disaster. These affordable modular homes that can be built in as little as 3-4 weeks are part of Bond Containers’ goal to join in the global modular construction market size that is expected to reach $175.2 billion by 2025.

Bond Containers is therefore giving investors an opportunity to own shares in this first black woman-owned self-sustainable container home manufacturing facility. Purchasing shares via startengine.com/bond-containers gives clients and supporters an opportunity to join the company in mass-producing self-sustainable affordable housing worldwide. These are houses that are eco-friendly as they come with energy-efficient impact windows built with fire retardant materials. The houses built by Bond Containers also come with energy-efficient insulation, appliances, and backup off-grid solar system that can be self-sustainable. This is in addition to getting houses that can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.

Furthermore, clients who buy shares at Bond Containers get to invest in a company that has a brand-new innovative concept meeting a need that is in high demand. This need includes a clear lack of safe, affordable, and high-quality modular homes that meet state regulations. With its affordable, eco-friendly, self-sustainable, luxury houses, Bond Containers is making sure investors get a share of the real estate market that pioneers innovation and sustainability. Furthermore, with over 700 pre-order sales from dealers, developers, and first-time homebuyers, Bond Containers is set to make affordable container homes the new standard of off-grid traditional housing.

For more information on Bond Containers or to buy shares, visit StartEngine.com/bond-containers

For press inquiries, contact (786) 718-0752.