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Monday, December 4, 2023

“The Night Puff Tried to Kill Me” – A Gritty Memoir of Survival in the 90s Hip-Hop Scene

The Night Puff Tried to Kill Me

Nationwide — Relentless Aaron, the pen name for DeWitt Gilmore, a prominent figure in the 1990s New York hip-hop scene, announces the release of his latest memoir, The Night Puff Tried to Kill Me. This gripping book offers an unvarnished look at the cutthroat world of music promotion and his harrowing confrontation with Sean “Puffy” Combs.

Set against the backdrop of 1990s New York City, this memoir details Mr. Gilmore’s journey of ambition and resilience in an era that reshaped the music industry. The book provides a candid account of his life as a young impresario navigating the challenges and rivalries of the hip-hop world.

The highlight of the memoir is a life-changing night where a seemingly ordinary encounter with Puffy escalates into a high-speed chase through New York City, a testament to the perilous nature of fame and power in the entertainment industry.

The Night Puff Tried to Kill Me is more than a personal story. It’s a reflection on the complexities of the entertainment industry and a testament to the enduring human spirit,” said Gilmore.

The book is now available for purchase online for $4.00 at https://koji.to/k/9O19

For more information about the book or the author DeWitt Gilmore aka Relentless Aaron, visit the official website at RelentlessAaron.net

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For press inquiries, contact D. Gilmore at 404-477-8257 or relentlessaaron2007@gmail.com