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Monday, May 13, 2024

Celebrity Car Builder TJ Loftin to Host Inaugural GITME Expo in Compton, CA, Revitalizing Black Innovation and Entrepreneurship

TJ Loftin, founder of GITME Expo

Nationwide — TJ Loftin, an esteemed figure in the automotive industry and an advocate for economic empowerment within the Black community, announces the launch of the inaugural Global Innovation Transportation Manufacturing Education (GITME) Expo and Low Rider, Custom Car, and Bike Show in Compton, California. The historical Dollarhide Community Center, named after the first Black Mayor of Compton, CA, on June 22, 2024, from 9am to 5pm, will host this groundbreaking event for revitalizing Black innovation and entrepreneurship.

By celebrating the rich history and significant contributions by Black inventors and showcasing emerging talent nationally, Mr. Loftin aims to rejuvenate the culture of invention and entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the historical significance of Black ingenuity, citing notable examples such as C.R. Patterson’s automotive company in 1910, and Dudley Hair Care Products in 1967, but a plateau thereafter as attributed by the national Black agenda for higher learning during the desegregation era.

Today, GITME Expo will serve as a vibrant platform joining those of all educational backgrounds into the invention space. Gathered will be automotive industry experts, exhibitors, enthusiasts, makers, and delegates from Africa with interests in commerce and trade with Black businesses. Featured will be an exhibition of low riders, custom cars and bikes alongside demonstrations of futuristic technologies. Also, there will be activities and exhibitions for the youth to cultivate their curiosity and ambition.

Admission is free. Sponsorship, exhibiting, and advertising opportunities are available now at TJLoftin.com/gitme-expo

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For media inquiries and interviews, please contact by email info@GITMEexpo.com or call (310) 619-3954.