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Monday, January 8, 2024

“Untold Story of Black Librarians” Documentary Shines Spotlight on Library Workers

Black librarians

Nationwide — Prepare to be captivated by a groundbreaking documentary highlighting the remarkable contributions of Black librarians, who stand at the forefront in the battle against book banning and censorship. Introducing Are You a Librarian: The Untold Story of Black Librarians, a cinematic masterpiece poised for release in early 2025. This eagerly awaited film will illuminate the profound impact of Black librarians in shaping everyone’s shared knowledge and understanding of the world.

Behind this cinematic masterpiece is a team of dedicated librarians and library workers, each with a unique and compelling story. Meet the driving force behind the documentary, Rodney E. Freeman Jr., the Executive Producer who envisioned a project that goes beyond just commemorating the journey of Black librarians but seeks to illuminate the global stage with their presence and exceptional contributions.

Rodney, a black librarian himself, acknowledges the additional responsibility of the role, stating, “Being a black librarian means that you have an additional responsibility to make sure that everyone is truly represented in the library.” This sentiment echoes through the entire team, who are colleagues and passionate advocates for the representation of diverse voices within the world of libraries.

The documentary production team consists of Angel Truesdale, Librarian Associate Professor; Zuri Davenport, Writer; Asia Harris, Independent Filmmaker; Byron Williams, Videographer; Adreonna Bennett, Archivist, and of course, Rodney E. Freeman Jr. as the Executive Producer. Each member brings a unique perspective and skill set to the project, making it a truly collaborative effort.

To capture the essence of their work and the significance of Black librarianship, the team shared their inspiration in the recent Good Morning America 3 segment. In the segment, Rodney emphasized preserving black history and culture for future generations. He said, “We’re gonna find a way to make sure that we preserve black history and preserve our culture so we can pass it down for future generations because it’s important, and it’s American history.”

The documentary aims to trace the rich history of Black librarianship across the country, highlighting the experiences and challenges faced by Black librarians, both in the past and present. Dr. Meredith Evans, Director of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum, shared her insights: “Black librarianship is about bringing equity, bringing ourselves to our work so that it’s not monolithic.”

Are You a Librarian: The Untold Story of Black Librarians seeks to be a powerful and thought-provoking cinematic experience, inspiring viewers to recognize the unsung heroes who have devoted their lives to ensuring access to information for all. The documentary’s release is eagerly awaited, promising to celebrate the resilience, triumphs, and significance of Black librarianship.

For media inquiries, interviews, and additional information about the documentary, please contact Rodney Freeman at rodneyfreeman@reminiscepreservation.com