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Meet NASCAR's Youngest Black Driver, He's Currently an HBCU Student

Rajah Caruth, Youngest Black NASCAR driver

Nationwide — Meet Rajah Caruth, the youngest of the only four African American drivers in NASCAR. At just 21 years old, he is balancing his professional racing career while also […]

Black Woman From Mississippi, Last of 16 Siblings, Turns 100 Years Old

Arleaner Washington

Nationwide — Arleaner Washington, an African American woman from Biloxi, Mississippi, has turned 100 years old. Born on February 6, 1924, she marked this significant milestone with a heartfelt proclamation […]

10-Year-Old Black Girl From Indiana Honored For Saving Two People's Lives

Aneres Bellefont

Nationwide — Aneres Bellefont, a 10-year-old African American girl from Indiana, has been hailed as a hero for saving two people’s lives. She was honored with an award by Henry […]

Black Couple to File Lawsuit Against Chili's For Having to Pay Before Eating

Black couple suing Chili's

Nationwide — Markesha Futrell-Smith is filing a discrimination lawsuit after they were asked to pay upfront before placing an order at a Chili’s restaurant in Denver, Colorado. What’s more, the manager […]

Actress Raven-Symoné Mourns the Loss of Her Younger 31-Year-Old Brother

Raven-Symone and her brother, Blaize

Nationwide — Raven-Symoné is going through a tough time as she mourns the loss of her younger brother, Blaize Pearman, who passed away at the age of 31. The actress […]

Beyonce’s Backup Singer Who is Also an Uber Driver Serenades Her Passengers

Deanna Dixon, Rideshare Queen

Nationwide — Meet Deanna Dixon, a former backup singer for Beyoncé on her concert tours who is now known as “The Rideshare Queen” on TikTok for serenading her Uber passengers […]

Black Woman, Virginia Crossing Guard Retires After 56 Years on the Job

Elizabeth Stanton

Nationwide — Meet Elizabeth Stanton, an 83-year-old African American woman from Norfolk, Virginia who dedicated 56 years of her life to safeguarding local elementary school children. For more than five decades, […]

70-Year-Old Black Woman From Uganda Gives Birth to Healthy Twins

Safina Namukwaya

Nationwide — Safina Namukwaya, a 70-year-old woman from Uganda, is making headlines as one of the oldest mothers as she recently gave birth to twins via cesarean at a fertility […]

11-Year-Old Black Boy Makes History, Raises $233K For Charity

Murhaf Hamid

Nationwide — Meet Murhaf Hamid, an 11-year-old Black boy from Sweden who made history by collecting an astonishing $233,000 for the Majblomman (Mayflower) children’s charity. He went viral on social […]

13-Year-Old Black Teen Solves 34 Math Problems in 172 Seconds, Earns Full Scholarship

Nasara James Dabo

Nationwide — Meet Nasara James Dabo, a 13-year-old girl from Nigeria who has caught attention with her incredible feat. At the International Mathematical Olympiad, she solved 34 math problems in […]

34-Year-Old Black Mom of 5 Dying From Cancer is Writing a Book For Her Kids

Kourtni Smith

Nationwide — Kourtni Smith, a 34-year-old mother of five from St Mary’s County, Maryland, is currently battling terminal cancer with remarkable courage, aiming to inspire others and raise awareness about […]

21-Year Old Black Woman Makes History, Opens Homeless Shelter in Los Angeles

Miriam Haregot

Nationwide — Miriam Haregot, an African American woman from Los Angeles, who just turned 21 years old, has successfully an abandoned church into a homeless shelter. She is possibly the […]

6 Formerly Homeless Black Siblings From NYC Are All Now Becoming Nurses

Lawrence sisters

Nationwide — Six sisters, the Lawrence siblings from New York City, are now on their journey to fulfill their dreams of becoming nurses together after facing nearly a decade of […]

Black Woman Who Wanted to Get Pregnant Accidentally Given Abortion Pill

Tamika Thomas

Nationwide — Tamika Thomas, an African American woman from Las Vegas, Nevada undergoing IVF treatment, tragically lost her baby after her local pharmacy mistakenly provided her with abortion medication instead […]

Meet the 60-Year-Old Black Barber with Only One Functioning Arm

Harold Brown, one arm functioning barber

Nationwide — Harold Brown, a 60-year-old barber from New York City, proudly claims the title of “the best one-armed barber in the world.” With only his right arm skillfully working […]

White Student Becomes First Ever Female HBCU Football Player

Leilani Armenta

Nationwide — Leilani Armenta has become the first female football player for an HBCU team after she recently kicked off the game for Jackson State against Bethune-Cookman. Her historic feat […]

Mo'Nique Wants CBS to Fairly Compensate Her and Actress Countess Vaughn For "The Parkers"

Mo'Nique and Countess Vaughn

Nationwide — Mo’Nique, known for her role in The Parkers, is urging CBS to provide fair compensation for herself and her co-star Countess Vaughn, as they seek recognition for their […]

Family of Black Woman Killed by Friends in Mexico Sends Cease-And-Desist Letter to Tubi Series

Family of Shanquella Robinson

Nationwide — The family of Shanquella Robinson, the young woman from Charlotte who tragically passed away during a trip to Mexico with her friends last October, is taking legal action […]

Texas High School Suspends Black Student For His Hair Style, Denies Discrimination

Darryl George

Nationwide — Darryl George, a junior at Barbers Hill High School in Texas, has faced suspension twice in a row due to his hairstyle. Despite the state’s recent anti-discrimination legislation, […]

Black Mom Gets All Three Daughters Enrolled into College Before They Turned 15

Melissa Williams

Nationwide — Melissa Williams, a 42-year-old African American mother from San Antonio, Texas, has successfully enrolled her three daughters as college students before they even turned 15 years old. They […]

Black Parents and Their Newly Born Twins All Share the Same Birthday

Jose and Scierra Blair with newborn twins

Nationwide — Scierra Blair, an African American mom from Mayfield Heights, Ohio, welcomed her newborn twins, Jose Ervin III and A-ria, into the world on the very same day that […]

17-Year-Old Black Student Could Earn Her Teaching Degree By Age 19

Hannah Pearson

Nationwide — Hannah Pearson, a 17-year-old college student from Robeson County, North Carolina, is on track to become a licensed teacher before turning 19. She finished high school early, and […]

Meet the Black Teen From Memphis Who Gives Free Haircuts to the Homeless

Darnell Wells

Nationwide — Meet Darnell Wells, a 19-year-old barber who works at “The Shop” in Memphis, Tennessee. This summer, he took his skills to the streets, providing free haircuts for those […]

114-Year-Old Black Woman From Texas is Now the 2nd-Oldest Person in the United States

Elizabeth Francis

Nationwide — Elizabeth Francis, an African American woman from Houston, Texas, who has just turned 114 years old, has now become not just the oldest person in her state, but […]

Dad Upset After Michigan Police Handcuff 12-Year-Old Black Boy While Taking Out the Trash

Tashawn Bernard, Black boy being arrested while taking out trash

Nationwide — Tashawn Bernard, a 12-year-old African American boy from Lansing, Michigan, was reportedly handcuffed and put into a police car by mistake as he was taking out the trash […]

79-Year-Old Man From Florida Who Spent Years in Prison Earns Bachelor's Degree

Willie Ryals

Nationwide — At the age of 79, Reverend Willie Ryals from Tallahassee, Florida, has defied the odds by achieving his lifelong dream of earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice […]

Black Female Employee at Costco Says Manager Body-Shamed Her Over Work Attire

Isha Mason, woman bodyshamed at Costco

Nationwide — Isha Mason, an African American woman who works at a Costco store in New Jersey, recently shared her experience at the workplace, saying she was called into the […]

Singer Monica Jumps Off Stage in Detroit After Fan Punches Woman, "You Don't Hit No Lady Like That"

Monica performing in Detroit

Nationwide — R&B singer Monica stopped her performance at the Detroit Riverfront Music Festival on July 22 after witnessing a man who punched a female concertgoer during her crowded show, […]

Black Barber From Ohio Goes Viral for Giving Free Haircuts on the Streets to People in Need

Jayon Hughes AKA Jay Da Barber

Nationwide — Jayon Hughes, an African American barber from Toledo, Ohio also known as Jay Da Barber, has gained widespread attention after providing free haircuts to people in need. Even […]

Black Student Born With Heart Defect Earns $2.5M in Scholarships, Accepted to 61 Colleges

Kyanna Woods

Nationwide — Kyanna Woods, an African American student from Concord, North Carolina who was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery as an infant, has graduated at […]

Black Employee Who Rode His Bike 30 Miles a Day to Work Gifted a Car

Samson Adams

Nationwide — Samson Adams, who works as a server at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Paducah, Kentucky, used to endure a 3-hour bike ride under the scorching sun to get […]

Seven Inmates Makes History, the First to Earn College Degree From Yale Prison Education Initiative

Graduates From the Yale Prison Initiative

Nationwide — Seven inmates in New Haven, Connecticut have earned an Associate Degree in General Studies, making them the first graduates from the Yale Prison Education Initiative, a joint initiative […]

News Anchor Removes Wig, Reveals Locs on Live TV to Celebrate Juneteenth

Akilah Davis

Nationwide — Akilah Davis, a local TV news anchor at WTVD in Raleigh, North Carolina, made a powerful statement on Juneteenth by embracing her natural hair after appearing without her […]

Meet the Family of 5 Nigerian Sisters Who All Became Medical Doctors

Aliu Sisters

Nationwide — Five siblings from Nigeria — Salamat, Halima, Khadijah, Raliat, and Medinah Aliu — are all medical doctors. These women, each specializing in different fields, truly proved Black excellence […]

17-Year-Old Black Twin Sisters From Pennsylvania Headed to Harvard University

Gianna and Tianna

Nationwide — Twin sisters Gianna and Tianna Tout-Puissant, both 17 years old from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, have been accepted at Harvard University where they will play basketball and pursue careers as […]

UPS Driver From Arizona Retires After 50 Years on the Job

Mark Woolston

Nationwide — Mark Woolston, who is the longest-serving UPS driver in Arizona, has recently retired after 50 years on the job delivering packages.

100-Year-Old Man From California Celebrates 79 Years of Marriage With His Wife

Oree and Lena McRae

Nationwide — Oree and Lena McRae, an African American couple from Union City, California, have celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary. Oree is almost 100 years old and his wife, Lena, […]

High School Star Football Player Graduates With 4.1 GPA, Chooses HBCU Over Princeton and Duke

Joshua Jones

Nationwide — Joshua Jones, a high school student-athlete from Fayetteville, North Carolina, has been awarded over $3 million in scholarships while maintaining a 4.1 GPA and playing as a quarterback […]

Former Refugee From Uganda Graduates as Valedictorian, Earns $240K in Scholarships

Julianne Lukambo

Nationwide — Julianne Lukambo, a high school student from Columbus, Ohio who was a former refugee in Uganda, graduates as valedictorian of her class with an impressive $240,000 in college […]

Black Woman Makes History as the First Deaf Person to Earn a Doctorate Degree in STEM

Amie Fornah Sankoh

Nationwide — Amie Fornah Sankoh, a student from Knoxville, Tennessee, who lost her hearing at the age of 3, has made history as the first deaf Black woman to earn […]

Black Parents Surprise Their Son with Billboard For Graduating Medical School

Ryan Boyland and his parents

Nationwide — Michelle and Roosevelt Boyland, the proud parents of Ryan who graduated from medical school this year from University of Nebraska, decided to surprise their son with a billboard […]

Group of Black Teen Moms From Georgia Make History, Graduate High School Together

Black teen moms

Nationwide — Seventeen young mothers who are mostly African American graduated from high school, defying stereotypes and challenges that they faced as teen moms. Their school, Georgia Chaffee TAPP School […]

13-Year-Old Black Boy, Youngest to Graduate College With Two Degrees in Cybersecurity and Computer Science

Elijah Muhammad

Nationwide — Elijah Muhammad, a 13-year-old African American student from Oklahoma City, once again makes history as the youngest Black student to graduate college. This year alone, he earned not […]

Black Mom, Daughter from Detroit Graduate Nursing College Together

Shalisa and Mishay Davis

Nationwide — Shalisa Davis and her daughter, Mishay, who are from Detroit, Michigan, shared a very special moment when they recently graduated together from the Hondros College of Nursing in […]

Black Student From Mississippi Awarded Almost $3M in College Scholarships

Taylor Herron

Nationwide — Taylor Herron, a Black student from Mississippi who studies art, has received nearly $3 million in college scholarship offers and accepted into 38 schools including several prestigious art […]

1,000's of Black Women Who Took Tylenol While Pregnant May Be Entitled to Compensation

Black mom with baby

Nationwide — Thousands of African American women who took Tylenol or generic acetaminophen during pregnancy at a high dose or for an extended period may be entitled to substantial compensation […]

Toni Braxton Nearly Died 7 Months Ago, Underwent Emergency Heart Surgery

Toni Braxton

Nationwide — Grammy Award-winning singer Toni Braxton has revealed that she is lucky to be alive seven months after undergoing emergency heart surgery for a blocked coronary artery. Braxton, who […]

Black Student From New Orleans Accepted to 125 Colleges and $9M in Scholarships

Dennis Barnes

Nationwide — Dennis Barnes, an African American high school student from New Orleans, Louisiana, has been awarded a whopping $9 million in scholarship offers from 125 colleges and universities, reportedly setting […]

35-Year Old Black Mom Dies After Childbirth, Grandma Left to Raise 12 Grandchildren

Patricia Pouncey and her daughter Nikita

Nationwide — Nikita Washington, a 35-year-old African American woman from Detroit, tragically died at Harper University Hospital a day after she gave birth to her 12th child, Nathaniel. Now, her […]

No Charges in Death of Black Woman Killed in Mexico By Her Friends

Shanquella Robinson

Nationwide — Federal prosecutors have announced that they will not be pressing charges in the death of Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year-old Black American woman who was found dead in Mexico […]

Jay-Z and Mom, Gloria, Celebrate 20 Years of Giving Back With 2023 Scholarship Fund

Jay-Z and mom, Gloria

Nationwide — The Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund (SCSF), founded by rapper turned business mogul Jay-Z and his philanthropist mother Gloria, has been helping low-income students achieve their dreams of higher […]

Black Teen Dies in School Shooting That Didn't Make National News

Ja'Shawn Poirier

Nationwide — Ja’Shawn Poirier, a 16-year-old Black student, was shot and killed in a school shooting in Arlington, Texas. However, this particular incident didn’t receive any national media attention.

Oldest Living Black World War II Veteran Turns 100 Years Old

Thomas Taylor

Nationwide — Thomas Taylor, a World War II veteran from Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, has turned 100 years old and is now one of the oldest living African American survivors.

Black Teen From Illinois With 4.54 GPA Breaks High School's 159-Year-Old Record

Nina Mitchell

Nationwide — In 2020, Nina Mitchell, a 17-year-old African American student from DeKalb, Illinois, made history when she became the first Black female valedictorian in her high school’s 159-year history. […]

Atlanta Black Teen Earns $1.3M in Scholarships, Accepted into More Than 50 Colleges

Daya Brown

Nationwide — Daya Brown, an 18-year-old African American student from Atlanta, Georgia has been accepted to more than 50 colleges and universities. She has also earned over $1.3 million in […]

Colorado's Teacher of the Year is a Black Male Educator For the First Time Ever

Jimmy Lee Day

Nationwide — Jimmy Lee Day II, an African American educator from Aurora, Colorado who has been teaching for over 13 years, has made history as the first Black male to […]

26-Year-Old Black Woman Builds $35K Tiny House in Her Backyard, Rents Out Main House

Precious C. Price

Nationwide — Precious Price, a 26-year-old African American woman from Atlanta, Georgia, went viral after she built a luxury tiny home in the backyard where she lives completely rent-free. To […]

Black Mom Furious at Daycare For Painting Children in Blackface

Courtney Politis

Nationwide — A daycare in Miami, Florida is being criticized for reportedly painting children in Blackface apparently in celebration of Black History Month. Courtney Politis, a local African American mom, […]

43-Year-Old Black Mom With 4 Kids Starts Medical School

Shamone Gore Panter

Nationwide — Shamone Gore Panter, a 43-year-old Black mother of four kids from Cleveland, Ohio, has started medical school, proving that it’s never too late to reach one’s goals.

37-Year-Old Makes History as the Youngest Ever Black Professor at University of Cambridge

Jason Arday

Nationwide — Jason Arday, a 37-year-old sociologist who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and global development delay when he was a child, becomes the youngest Black professor at the […]

Apparel Brand For Black Women Celebrates 25 Years With New Pants Suit Collection and More

Black women wearing pant suits

Nationwide — WomenSuits, an apparel company that has been dressing professional Black woman for more than two decades is celebrating its 25th year in business with a new active wear […]

Tyler Perry Donates $2.75M to Cover Rising Property Taxes For Low-Income Senior Citizens

Tyler Perry

Nationwide — Filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry is once again giving back to his local community with a $2.75 million donation to help low-income seniors in Atlanta cover their property […]

Autumn Lockwood Makes History as First Black Woman to Coach in the Super Bowl

Autumn Lockwood

Nationwide — Autumn Lockwood, a 29-year-old Sports Conditioning Coach with the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles, will make history as the first Black woman to ever coach in the Super Bowl.

Proud Dad Celebrates Son Who Became a Pilot After 11 Years of Studying

Delante Sykes

Nationwide — Delante Sykes, who wanted to become a pilot since he was 2 years old, has achieved his childhood dream after studying for 11 years. His proud dad is […]